A Monument to Haze
Rückbauwerk Tiefstack


Berge Versetzen
Feed the Rich
A Monument to Haze
Rückbauwerk Tiefstack
Speculative Ruins
Walhalla ll

Feed the Rich

Do the present conditions make you angry? Then you've come to the right place! We need you and your microbiome as a starter culture for the fermentation of society. Let's face it: the demise of this planet is being accelerated by a few who are eating the hair off our heads. PARA's proposal: Those who ensure that there will be no more bread tomorrow should eat themselves. The approach: pass on the anger against the system to those who profit from it the most. In Berlin and Stuttgart we set up temporary concept stores with attached sauerkraut production facilities. Here the spectators become collaborators in the redistribution of anger. By kneading the cabbage, the personal microbiome is transferred to the food and with it all the feelings of powerlessness & anger about the circumstances is passed on as well. The fermenting cabbage becomes a carrier and metaphor of social discomfort and can be taken away for free in the shop. Now it's time to distribute: Feed your friends and enemies. Feed your bosses and landlords. Feed yourselves. PARA's Saures Kraut is not only delicious, it also promises healthy and socially productive states of unrest and rage when consumed regularly. So: Let's eat ourselves. Let's feed the rich!


Shop hours: Oct 16 – 22, 3–7 PM
Performances: Oct 19 – 22, 5 PM

Berliner Platz, Fritz-Elsas-Str. 56
70174 Stuttgart


Opening: Friday, October 27, 7PM.


Oct 28, 7pm
Oct 29, 4pm

Shop hours: Oct 28 and 29: 12-8PM

Spoiler Aktionsraum
Quitzowstraße 108a, 10551 Berlin


PARA mit Tine Elbel, Philipp Rohé & Maximiliane Schmid