A Monument to Haze
Rückbauwerk Tiefstack


Berge Versetzen
Feed the Rich
A Monument to Haze
Rückbauwerk Tiefstack
Speculative Ruins
Walhalla ll

A Monument
to Haze

Man pondering a series of letters that are floating above his desk

As part of the European Capital of Culture 2025, the Sonnenberg, a former district of workers in Chemnitz, is planned to be digitized. In order to create a memorial for the smoke that once drifted through the neighborhood, Klub Solitaer e.V. has commissioned the memory culture provider PARA to implement a process, at the end of which a monument of smoke is to be erected. The monument shall serve as a reminder of the fire that no longer burns, of the smoke from chimneys, of past CO2 emissions, of the legacy of the fossil age, of the invisible soot of digital clouds, of the energy of the sun, captured and stored millions of years ago in the coal forests of the Upper Carboniferous and Permian periods.

Participatory Commemoration

A group of people in front of a building
Opening of the PARA Cloud Office in Chemnitz Sonnenberg.

The monument, which is intended to be created with the participation of the citizens and under the auspices of the PARA Cloud Office, is meant to cut a path through the thicket of time. A dotted line between the age of combustion and the age of networking. It is meant to remind us of the peculiar era that lay between the third and fourth industrial revolutions, when it was normal to throw into the fire whatever one came across.

A person is looking at a piece of paper
An employee of the cloud office evaluating a proposal.

Mysterious postcards from multinational art collectives have been arriving at the office's mailing address daily ever since. The PARA Monuments Advisory Board collects, deliberates, catalogs, and publishes everything. You as well are invited to submit a proposal. How do you wish to commemorate the smoke? Do you want to commemorate the smoke at all?


Concept, performance, and artistic direction: PARA Documentation/video: Tim Rakutt.

"We couldn't make out anything of the city itself from a quarter of an hour's distance; it was completely shrouded in a dense veil of smoke and soot. This was something none of us had experienced before; like black snow, the flakes of soot from the numerous factory chimneys drifted down upon us. In calm, humid air, these black chimney emissions gathered into a thick cloud and then descended to the ground." - Christian Mengers, travelling Craftsman, 1865