A Monument to Haze
Rückbauwerk Tiefstack


Berge Versetzen
Feed the Rich
A Monument to Haze
Rückbauwerk Tiefstack
Speculative Ruins
Walhalla ll




Welcome to the PARA 'VERSCHWÖRUNGS-WELT Kleinwelka'.

Bautzen and the surrounding area have been struggling with conspiracy theories for some time now. A theme park that immunises visitors against the most threatening myths is now to be created on the site of the legendary 'Dinosaur Park Kleinwelka'. "See dinosaurs without being eaten - hear conspiracy theories without being caught!" is what PARA's chief immunologist Philipp Röding calls it.

We are delighted to be able to present our rides to you here:


No Nine Eleven Carousel

The eleventh of September never happened. Board one of our colourful passenger planes with a calm heart and circle the colourful, flashing skyscrapers at a safe distance. Particularly suitable for ages 40+.

Climate change pleasure pool

This is our wellness oasis. The climate change fun pool not only impresses with a pleasant +2°C, but also allows you to whizz away on a real tsunami flood wave. This causes chaos and devastation every 10 minutes during opening hours. A snack bar with ice cream and chips provides refreshment in between. Age recommendation: 6-99

The Illuminati Inn

Stop for a bite at the Illuminati Inn at the culmination of an eventful day. Just like on the US dollar bills, in our diner you also eat in style in a pyramid under the shining eye. For all age groups. Kids especially enjoy our menus with a little toy surprise.

Dinosaurs vs. reptiloids

Reptiloids and dinosaurs step into the ring here every day. Which creature would you bet on?

Tinfoil Hat Express

In our "Aluhut Express", horror fans get their money's worth. Climb aboard and embark on a rollercoaster ride through the creepiest of gore. Age recommendation: 10-59

PARA vaccination centre

Save yourself a trip to the doctor and enjoy our free vaccination service at the bubbling syringe-shaped fountain.

Deutschland GmbH

Before leaving our park, you should take advantage of the unique opportunities to go shopping in our outlet centre. The product range? All made in Germany.


Finally, we invite you to ride the chemtrails. A unique experience for all fans of candy floss and shisha. We got all the flavours.


You leave the park through the gatehouse under the burning globe. We hope you enjoyed your stay with us and look forward to your next visit.


The easiest way to reach us is by car or train.


Would you like to plan your visit to PARA VERSCHWÖRUNGS-WELT Klein Welka in advance? Have you heard of dark intrigues that require a ride? Suggestions, praise and criticism? Then give us a call. Our friendly PARA customer service team looks forward to hearing from you.


The conspiracy world Klein Welka is a work by the artist group PARA.

Concept: Peter Behrbohm, Josephine Hans, Philipp Röding, Bastian Sistig, Kolja Vennewald

Drawings: Peter Behrbohm

Performance: Josephine Hans, Philipp Röding, Bastian Sistig

PARA VERSCHWÖRUNGS-WELT Kleinwelka - Conspirancies for every age. Save holiday prices now.