A Monument to Haze
Rückbauwerk Tiefstack


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A Monument to Haze
Rückbauwerk Tiefstack
Speculative Ruins
Walhalla ll

Speculative Ruins - Ruins of Speculation

Medium shot of the Willy Brandt Platz in Frankfurt with the Taunusanlage and a big sculpture in the shape of a €-sign being visible in the background, a robot and a person are walking towards the park
Entrance of the archeological park with FAFÜ250+.

Archeological Park Frankfurt New Delphi

Located at a junction of of the geographical, ideological and data traffic networks of the Speculative Age, the Frankfurt New Delphi Archeological Park offers unique impressions of the practices and forces that were at work here centuries ago. Immerse yourself in the world of "futures", "projections" and "crises". Experience the power of "evaluation" and "consultancy" and discover the secret of those temples whose remains today jut into the wildly jagged horizon.

A group of people in front of an illuminated lobby
Interested investors are being guided through the archeological park.

The interest in statistical formulas and instruments that made it possible to anticipate today what might happen tomorrow, as well as the way they incessantly sent each other messages about occurrences that had yet come to pass, suggests that people in the first half of the twenty-first century were obsessed with thinking about the future. One can even say that people in this era lived exclusively in the future and that what they thought was the present was ultimately only a variant of what awaited them.

A group of people and a robot in a public park.
Investors are enjoying the evening in the archeological park.

The remains of the buildings and cultural artifacts, which had previously been owned by a small part of the population, suddenly belonged to everyone. As can be inferred from consistent sources, the non-profit "Trümmerverwertungsgesellschaft" took over the crushing and removal of the city. Long rows of figures prove the great success of this operation. Countless Frankfurt residents participated in the recycling of the rubble. Specially constructed railway lines piled up what had previously been Frankfurt into a 200m high mountain. Next to it, a huge factory was built in which the city's architectural heritage was ground to dust. The granulate of the destroyed Frankfurt was mixed with cement and used to pour the foundation stones for a new Frankfurt.

This "Frankfurt model" is considered the model for the construction of the Frankfurt New Delphi Erlebnis-Ruinenpark.

A group of people in lab suits working on architectural clay models
PARA personnel working on the model of the park.


Concept, performance and creative direction: PARA.

In collaboration with: Chiara Galesi, Hanna Steinmair, Lena Brandt, Anton Steenbock,

Documentation: Christian Schuller

A group of people standing around a table with clay architectural modells
Investors are participating in designing of the park.
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